Friday, August 31, 2007

Not Another GD Food Blog

Yeah, I won’t lie to you, this IS another GD food blog complete with recipes for high calorie food, reviews for restaurants of which I am in no way qualified to write, swearing, possibly some amusing kitchen accident stories, more swearing, and lots of purdy pictures.

DISCLAIMER: You will, under no circumstances, ever find a recipe on this site akin to 'Cheesy Hamburger Bacon Tuna Salad Surprise' ala this atrocity of the cooking world. Nor will you ever see the words “sammy,” “yum-o,” or “crushed Doritos.” However, you may well find the words “fuck,” “shit,” “stiff peaks,” etc. If this is bothering/scaring you already, I would suggest you proceed elsewhere as I already don’t like you and don’t want you fucking up my recipes.

Ok, let’s proceed to the ubiquitous Blog Statement You Really Don’t Care About: The main focus of this blog is to help people be more creative with their food. I'm a recent college grad writing for recent college grads, or anyone else in a ramen 3 times a week food slump. I’m also writing this to help out people who may not have much experience or confidence in the kitchen. Don’t think of yourself as a “bad cook” or an “idiot who can’t boil water,” you just haven’t learned yet, you’re like an untapped keg just bursting with potential!

Through these recipes, I want to help people understand that it's ok if you don't follow a recipe exactly, it's fun to experiment with new flavors and combinations. I created most of these recipes to make for myself in my post-college years since I live alone. So rest assured they have all been consumed by yours truly, The Guy, and some guinea pigs at the office and are totally safe for human consumption.**

**Not responsible for any deaths/puking sessions resulting from any recipe on this site.

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