Friday, February 22, 2008

Soy Braised Chicken Update

I made a second batch of this and stumbled on a discovery borne of shear desperation. Yeah it really wasn't all that dramatic or life-altering but whatevs. I forgot that I had left my bottle of soy sauce at work, and all I had was some crappy stir-fry sauce and fish sauce. So I replaced the full amount called for of soy with the fish sauce and put in a couple tablespoons of the stir fry sauce (mostly soy sauce and cornstarch) for a little soy depth. To be honest, this shit rocked my world all over again. Fish sauce is just magic, and I will continue to sing it's praises to anyone who will overlook the smell.

I used 2 onions this time since onions turn magical when braised in soy sauce and chicken fat. Also should mention, I picked a few leaves off my spindly Thai basil plant and ate them with the chicken. Insane. Highly recommend.

In conclusion, both ways are delicious, but I think I prefer the fish sauce method with a couple tablespoons of soy sauce. Next time I will try half and half. Stay tuned.

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